Starting iTunes in Russia was certain to create a couple of bumps within the road for Apple, but Cupertino most likely wasn’t expecting anything such as this. Customers that attempted to look into the iTunes store found the program was exhibiting some fairly explicit adult content instead of mainstream video and music. It works out it’s all due to individuals annoying .XXX top level domain names.

There have been no sites that led to XXX (rather than say, .com) until just lately. ICANN approved the .XXX domain for adult content usage starting in September of 2011, and lots of companies have cheated it. You will find lots of .XXX domain names already registered, and one of these looks like it’s XXX.XXX. Are you able to see where this really is going?

The Russian iTunes software was produced with URL placeholders in precisely that format: A couple of years back, that wouldn’t go anywhere. Now it resolves to hardcore Internet porn, which leads to Apple’s iTunes software all of a sudden becoming full of advertisements for various lascivious pornography. Customers started gleefully taking screenshots and distributing what’s promising quickly. Continue reading

Meet Vin Diesel, genuine action star. After the prosperity of The Short and also the Furious, the imposing, deep-voiced actor is revving into two action dramas – XXX and also the follow up to Pitch Black – and he’s getting compensated much more for his services

First of all may be the already introduced XXX, that Diesel is tugging lower $ten million to experience an “extreme Mission Impossible” type who’s hell on wheels (think: motorcycle stunts).

Joining the film is the most popular motion picture badass, Samuel L. Jackson, who’ll play a government agent who recruits and trains Diesel’s character to have an undercover operation to infiltrate a Russian crime ring. The Shaft star was set to film the thriller Tick Tock with Jennifer Lopez next, but Columbia Pictures has shelved the film considering the actual-existence terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. Continue reading